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Em Moratto

Em Moratto is the first chair guitar player for Paranoid Image (that sounds fancy, right?). She has a non-traditional music background and has been writing tunes and playing guitar for 18-ish years. She joined her first band, Exhibit 13, when she was—you guessed it—13, and has had the opportunity to play with a slew of talented musicians since then. Surprisingly, Em is terrible at Guitar Hero and completely un-coordinated unless she’s playing real guitar or riding a bike. She likes to reframe her clumsiness as “riot grrrl spirit.”

In high school, Em started the White Elephants, a pop-punk band in Northern Virginia who played catchy melodies at break-neck(ish) speeds. The band performed at a birthday party, a pool party, and a talent show (the most punk rock venues ever). In college, Em got into writing depressing alternative music, which remains highly depressing to this day. When she moved to Memphis, TN in 2017, she re-recorded music from both of these eras, in addition to two other full-length albums of original material. These projects are floating somewhere within the ether of the internet, but their names and exact details are highly classified.

Em has a PhD from Berkley.

Just kidding.

Em learned to play guitar from the internet because she has always been terrible at taking lessons.

Before joining Paranoid Image, Em played bass in Gunpoint Alibi (or Gunshot Alibi if you’re Christopher), a local pop-punk band out of Denver. She then started Abandoned Planet, an instrumental(ish) “band,” where she predominantly writes and records acoustic instrumentals inspired by her burgeoning love of classical guitar. She also uses AP to arrange chord melody covers of [somewhat] popular songs and brag about her record label (IDK What I’m Doing Records). She frequently collaborates with other indie bands, such as Eyes of Astoria, Nobert Re Diro, and Space Disco, and is super excited to start making moosic with the wonderful and talented folx in Paranoid Image.

Em does not exist on social media... so does she really exist at all?

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