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Keep Your Heart was recorded by Paranoid Image in May 2017 and released as our first single in January 2018.

This is a cover song that PI's Christopher Malone thought would be able to showcase the new acoustic type of alternative music PI would be creating. Music created with acoustic instrumentation - but with a full, rhytmic sound that was not "folky". Instead, it was more in line with indie-style alternative rock. Yet, as is the case with most PI songs, it has this driving, rhythm with a slight Latin twist.

Keep Your Heart was composed and recorded in 2011 by the band TV on the Radio, in which Christopher's brother, Kyp Malone, is a member and sings this song. However, that is not why PI decided to cover it. It happened to have been a favorite song of Christopher's because of its beauty. And, the decision to make it PI's first single was that, as mentioned, it could showcase this new style of music as well as the talent of the group as a whole, featuring each member of the band at that time.

In 2018, PI did a re-recording, mixing and mastering of the song with its newer group of musicians and is featured on the Burning Paint album under the title "I'm Gonna Keep Your Heart".


Sara Geller - Vocals
Christopher Malone - Arrangement, Piano
Lauren Savelle - Mandolin
Elizabeth Nelles - Djembe
Nii Okai Aryeetey - African Congas


  • Release Date:January 6, 2018
  • UPC:859724767252
  • Label:StinkiMinki Productions
  • Format:Stream
  • Engineer:Jesse Pacheco
  • Location:RocketSpace (Broadway)
    Denver CO

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