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What started off as a poem written by Paranoid Image's percussionist Al Buffone, (Trying To) Find Myself has become Paranoid Image's largest recording undertaking to date! When Christopher Malone wrote the music to this song, little did the band know that the interpretation would grow into such a symphonic piece. Recorded in August of 2019, this single was released in March 2021.

This heart-wrenching song is about depression and suicide. The recording includes elements that help bring out the emotion, including Brendan O'Donoghue on cello. And most incredibly, the band is so proud of that year's Denver East High School Honors Choir who contributed their epic voices under the direction of director Rebecca Knack! Musical scores written by Christopher Malone.

Many have told the band that this song should be in film. We certainly hope that comes true!


Al Buffone - Lyrics, Percussion
Christopher Malone - Composer, Piano
Sara Geller - Vocals
Elizabeth Nelles - Banjo
Jim Vaughan - Guitar
Lauren Savelle - Mandolin
Brendan O'Donoghue - Cello
Denver East High School Honors Choir - Choir

A very special thank you to artist Dan Drossman for his very cool and creative mixed media artwork created for this and our other two singles that were released at the same time. Put all three together and you have a visually exciting piece of artwork!


  • Release Date:March 25, 2021
  • UPC:195999527697
  • Label:StinkiMinki Productions
  • Format:Stream
  • Mixing:Christopher Malone
  • Mastering:Brian Hunter | The Mousetrap Recording Studio

  • Location:Denver CO

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