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The lyrics to Chinese Checkers were written by PI's vocalist Sara Geller and set to a funky song composed by Christopher Malone. The music was inspired by the rhythm of the lyrics. The lyrics were inspired by a trip Sara took to see her grandparents. Reminiscing and introspection resulted in the songs artistic words.

This is one of the few songs where PI breaks away from their all-acoustic instrumentation and incorporates funky electric guitar. Christopher enjoyed playing the 70's Rhodes keyboard (with his left hand) the clavinet (with his right) to give this song its fun 70's feel. Everyone in the band at the time of its recording is called out for individual solos. The song starts with a psychedelic, dreamy type of intro and ends rhythmically the same way.


Sara Geller - Lyrics, Vocals
Christopher Malone - Composer, Rhodes Keyboard, Clavinet
Al Buffone - Congas, Percussion
Elizabeth Nelles - Djembe
Jim Vaughan - Electric Guitar
Lauren Savelle - Mandolin

A very special thank you to artist Dan Drossman for his very cool and creative mixed media artwork created for this and our other two singles that were released at the same time. Put all three together and you have a visually exciting piece of artwork!


  • Release Date:March 25, 2021
  • UPC:195999527352
  • Label:StinkiMinki Productions
  • Format:Stream
  • Mixing:Christopher Malone
  • Mastering:Brian Hunter | The Mousetrap Recording Studio

  • Location:Denver CO

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