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Unbiased Review of "Goodbye"

What makes a strong, compelling cover? How do you effectively retain the specific elements and central essence that help make the original what it is without simply remaking it? Simple, ask Paranoid Image because their cover of Apparat's "Goodbye" strikes this balance extremely well indeed. Possessing the haunting, melancholic tone...

Music Critic Andre Avanessian

During the COVID lockdown, Sara and Christopher became obsessed with watching Dark, a German time travel series on Netflix. Even as the series became more confusing and weird through the seasons, they never missed watching the intro to each episode where the song "Goodbye" would play with a beautiful, artistic background related to the episodes. "Goodbye" is our acoustic adaptation of that song.

Staying true to PI's acoustic style, every note is performed by one of our instrumentalists, reminiscent, in ways, of the mostly electronic original. The scratching, plucking and harmonic thumping at the beginning is all performed on banjo, for example. In the middle of the song, a very deep, "backwards" surdo keeps the driving bottom. For the first time, we are introducing our string quintet into the mix. Enjoy!


Sara Geller - Vocals
Christopher Malone - Double Bass, Piano, String Composition
Al Buffone - Surdo, Shakers, Cymbal
Elizabeth Nelles - Banjo
Em Moratto - Acoustic Guitar

To round off our string quintet, you will hear these fantastic musicians:
Olivia Shaw - 1st and 2nd Violin
Laurie Michelle - Viola
Brendan O'Donoghue - Cello
A very special thank you to artist Kristina Davies for her stunning artwork used in our cover art!

Another huge thanks to Brian Hunter who works diligently with Christopher to record and mix our music, as he's done since 2018. And now, this talented gentleman is also the Paranoid Image guitarist!


  • Release Date:April 7, 2023
  • ISRC:QZES92390820
  • Label:StinkiMinki Productions
  • Format:Stream
  • Mixing:Brian Hunter, Christopher Malone
  • Mastering:Brian Hunter | The Mousetrap Recording Studio & Sawtelle Recording Studio at Swallow Hill

  • Location:Denver CO

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