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Elizabeth Nelles wrote the Mutual Tension lyrics regarding the tension created when trying to help a friend dealing with addiction. Not all somber lyrics, however, need to be set to somber music. Christopher Malone intentionally wrote the music in this upbeat, dance-driven, punkish style, encompassing the catchiness of the lyrics, as a counterbalance. The result is a song that will quickly stay in your head!

We were inspired by seeing our audiences enjoying and dancing to the song when performing live, we decided to have several talented artists remix their own takes on the song. Thus, the remixes that accompany the album - including one by Christopher ("Disco Mynx") Malone, Caustic of Scifidelic (the band in which Sara and Christopher met), DJ Arcana Deep (an incredible DJ and mixing artist in Italy), and insanely talented musician, poet and DJ Dane DeLloyd who recorded Kyle Neidig live, playing the flute at a show. Fortunately, Kyle agreed to let him use the recording on the remix! (Click on any of the streaming links on this page to hear the remixes.)


Elizabeth Nelles - Lyrics, Djembe, Snare, Hi-Hat
Christopher Malone - Composer, Piano
Sara Geller - Vocals
Al Buffone - Congas, Bongos, Cowbell
Jim Vaughan - Acoustic Guitar
Lauren Savelle - Mandolin

Remix Artists

Christopher Malone - "Disco Mynx Remix"
Caustic - "(Scifidelic) Remix"
Dane DeLloyd (featuring Kyle Neidig on flute) - "Yeti Gravy" and "Green Mint" Remixes
DJ Arcana Deep - "Intervention" and "Trance" Remixes

A very special thank you to artist Dan Drossman for his very cool and creative mixed media artwork created for this and our other two singles that were released at the same time. Put all three together and you have a visually exciting piece of artwork!

"Radio Edit" version of this album / EP is also available.


  • Release Date:April 14, 2021
  • UPC:859746559231
  • Label:StinkiMinki Productions
  • Format:Stream
  • Mixing:Christopher Malone
  • Mastering:Brian Hunter | The Mousetrap Recording Studio

  • Location:Denver CO

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