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  • Behind the Laughter Cover
  • They Don't Care About Us Album Cover
  • Heavy In Your Arms Album Cover
  • Colorado Burns Album Cover
  • Goodbye Album Cover
  • 90 Days Album Cover
  • Mutual Tension Album Cover
  • (Trying To) Find Myself Album Cover

    (Trying To) Find Myself

    The Symphonic Part of the 2021 Singles Trifecta

  • Chinese Checkers Album Cover

    Chinese Checkers

    The Funky Part of the 2021 Singles Trifecta

  • Burning Paint Album Cover

    Burning Paint

    The 2018 Album

  • Keep Your Heart Album Cover

    Keep Your Heart

    The First Single

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Paranoid Image Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

Paranoid Image is an exciting, genre-bending, world music-inspired alternative acoustic band created by Christopher Malone and Sara Geller. Based out of Denver, Colorado, this creative and original band is known for strong, driving rhythms and beautiful, meaningful melodies.

PI was created with the idea of dance-inspiring music using acoustic instrumentation usually found in folk and Latin music. But... not exactly Latin or folk. Hand percussion instead of a drumset. Rare use of electric instruments. The result? A talented seven-member band creating original alternative acoustic music that has become a "genre" within itself. PI has played alongside bands of all genres, including metal, Americana, alt rock, blues, funk, pop and industrial.


Sara Geller vocalist
  • Singer / Lyricist

Sara is one of the co-founders of Paranoid Image, as well as the singer and lyricist. Sara is known for breathing profound emotion into her lyrics and...

Christopher Malone pianist
  • Piano / Bass / Composer / Producer

Christopher is one of the co-founders of Paranoid Image, as well as the pianist, bassist and composer. Christopher's musical background...

Al Buffone III percussionist
  • Percussion / Lyricist

Al has been playing drums most of his life. He started around the age of 5 and continued through out his high school years, all the time studying with...

Elizabeth Nelles multi-instrumentalist
  • Percussion / Banjo / Guitar / Lyricist / Composer

Elizabeth Nelles is the banjo player, guitarist, percussionist, lyricist and one of the composers for Paranoid Image...

Brian Hunter Guitarist and Recording Engineer
  • Guitarist / Recording and Sound Engineer

Brian Hunter is Paranoid Image's guitarist and long-time recording mixing engineer, having mixed and mastered all of Paranoid Image's songs...

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Paranoid Image Post-Show
Elizabeth Nelles banjo
Luke and Sara
Lauren Savelle and Sara Geller
Christopher Malone and Sara Geller
Paranoid Image at Peoples Fair