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Michael Spencer

Michael (Mike) Spencer has been performing as a drummer and multi-percussionist between Boston and Denver for twenty-five years. Michael’s learning and core musical influence comes from the music of Cuba. Michael graduated from the Berklee School of Music in 2004 with a focus on Afro-Cuban percussion performance. Michael had the opportunity to perform at some of the best venues in Boston including: The Roxy, Berklee Performance Center and Harvard University. After graduating from Berklee, Michael spent much of his time performing with Raices Negras, an Afro-Cuban folkloric group led by world renown dancer Reynaldo Gonzalez. After moving to Denver, Michael studied jazz drum set at the University of Denver for his Masters Degree in Music, graduating in 2012.

Since arriving in Denver, Michael has performed with many groups in a variety of genres including Country, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban folkloric, and Jazz. Michael has performed all over Colorado and Denver including at the Five Points Jazz festival, Mercury Cafe and Fox Theater. Michael injects his extensive experience with Cuban music into all of his playing. Whether on Timbales, Drum Set, Congas, or any variety of percussion instruments, Michael uses his experience playing and learning music in Cuba.

Look for Michael Spencer as part of the percussion duo in Paranoid Image coming to a venue near you.

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