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Please read all the information below and listen to the music. Then contact us via the following:

Email: pi@paranoidimage.com
Text: Christopher Malone (band leader): 720-522-9666
Facebook: Facebook Messenger - via this link or the chat option on this page.

Paranoid Image is a genre-bending acoustic fusion band looking for some talented musicians to join our band. So, you're a banjo virtuoso? Then we should talk! We take an unconventional approach to our music, and that is certainly true with the banjo parts we've established. And if you get what we're doing, your creativity, talent, and love of music can thrive with us!

We have a fun and fantastic time creating, recording and performing together. We are a serious band that rehearses once a week and is focused on putting out quality and creative music, in addition to touring.

Explore the website to learn more about us. Most importantly, please listen to our music so you can familiarize yourself with what we are doing. Not every song includes banjo, but for those that do, you can hear how they play such a major role in their songs. Click / Tap Here to explore all of our singles and albums.


You can listen to our published music here on the website, or GO HERE to listen on one of several streaming sources and our social media.

Other Songs / Covers: We have definitely grown and matured in our sound over the past years and our 2023 singles and upcoming album certainly showcase that. While most of our songs are originals, our full repertoire includes some covers including "Afro Blue" (in 3/4 - our own arrangement that morphs into "Footprints"), "Goodbye" (by Apparat - the theme song to the "Dark". Yes, that's banjo thumping at the beginning with harmonics throughout), "Heavy in Your Arms" by Florence & the Machine, and "They Don't Really Care About Us" by Michael Jackson (to be released on January 19, 2024!).

New Songs: We are constantly writing and creating, and we'd love you to be part of that. Our 2023 album includes songs such as our "Colorado Burns" and "90 Days", which includes very cool banjo!

Goodbye This is one of our newest songs. The scratching, thumping, and harmonics throughout the song are all produced by the banjo!

Home This is a video we made after our first album was released in 2018. It's a song that was written by our original banjoy player!

There are several more videos you can check out as well as our music on all of the streaming sources.

"(Trying to) Find Myself", "Faded Memories", "Home" and "Ukrainian Lullaby" are some of our other songs where banjo plays a major role.

If you enjoy our music and would like to be a part of our fun band, please get in touch to get more info and set up an audition. Thanks for paying attention to all this. Looking forward to hearing from you! (Scroll back up for the contact info.)