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Please read all the information below and listen to the music. Then contact us via the following:

Email: pi@paranoidimage.com
Text: 720-522-9666
Facebook: PI Facebook (Via Messaging - not posting. Or use the Messenger chat on this page.)

We have an opening for a smart and creative guitarist who is versatile enough to play anything from Latin, pop and classical to jazz, funk and folk. This is also an amazing opportunity to grow with a band that is definitely on its way up. We are looking for someone who is committed to contributing and achieving with us. This includes weekly evening rehearsals (sometimes more), performing at shows, having a great attitude and stage presence, and touring. Required equipment includes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, amp, and a good pedal assortment.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone who would like not only to grow with a fun and interesting band, but who wants to bring their own flavor that could meld well with what we've created. All members of this band are part of this band because they want to be part of something special - and make a living at it. We are on our way there, and we would like to welcome a committed member of our band family who would like to achieve this with us.

We ask that you learn more about us through the website, especially on this page where we have provided links to the majority of our recorded music and one of most recent shows at Dazzle. Each song has a slightly different flavor and in total, spans a wide genre range. Thus, the versatility both on acoustic and electric. Listen to the music, play along, see what the former guitarist did and emulate. If you can do that, then you just might be right for us!

We are marketing heavily to fill this opportunity, so do not delay in getting in touch if you feel you are right for what we are seeking. You can contact us via the methods below. Please let us know the following: Your name, your experience (background), how you heard about this opportunity, which PI songs you resonated with most, why you feel you fit the entire description, bands you have been with and/or any links to your playing / performing, link to a bio if you have one, and anything else you feel is important in your standing out above the rest. We are excited to hear from you!


Here is a list of resources where you can listen to and learn about our music to ensure you are compatible and for auditioning. Please note that at the beginning of 2023, we will be releasing several new singles and an album that definitely showcase how we have evolved as a band and our sound. Until then, here are the following:

🎵 Burning Paint Album: This is our first album from 2018. We have grown and changed a good bit since then, but we do play most of these songs, several of which have changed in style and live performing, but this is a good start (pay attention to "Faded Memories", "18/19" and "I'm Gonna Keep Your Heart"):
YouTube | Spotify | Apple / iTunes

🎵 (Trying To) Find Myself: This is one of our three 2021 singles, released on March 25, 2021. You will likely be asked to use this as one of your audition songs on acoustic:
YouTube | Spotify | Apple / iTunes | Soundcloud

🎵 Chinese Checkers: This is another one of our three 2021 singles, released on March 25, 2021. You will likely be asked to use this as one of your audition songs on electric guitar:
YouTube | Spotify | Apple / iTunes | Soundcloud

🎵 Mutual Tension: This is the third of the three releases which came out on April 14, 2021. This is another that will be used for auditioning on acoustic guitar. The link below is to the non-Radio Edit, (along with some remixes, if you care to hear them):
YouTube | Spotify | Apple / iTunes | Soundcloud

Other Songs / Covers: As mentioned above, our full repertoire includes songs that are soon to be released (such as our new zouk song "Colorado Burns" and our new song "90 Days", Florence + the Machine's "Heavy in your Arms", Apparat's "Goodbye" and others).

Paranoid Image @ Dazzle Video We often perform at Denver's classic venue Dazzle (even though we are not a jazz band!). Please check out this live video from February 2021 as much as possible with, of course, focus on the guitarist. The song "Heavy in Your Arms" (which we now feature with a kick-ass electric guitar solo at the end and will be one of our new releases) is on here at 1:00:10 and "Afro Blue" / "Footprints" at 1:06:00.

Thanks for paying attention to all this. Looking forward to hearing from you! (Scroll back up for the contact info.)